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Oldenburg Vineyards in Banhoek appointed Nic Van Aarde, previously of Warwick, as its winemaker, at the end of 2018.

Nic has both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture (Oenology and Viticulture), and a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, from Stellenbosch University.

He has quickly gained a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading winemakers, working at various leading wineries in Stellenbosch. Nic has also spent time working in Australia, New Zealand, USA, France and also India.

His passion is to explore the intricacies of the vineyard, viticulture and winemaking techniques, and the potential for making super premium wines by combining these major variables together.

Ormonde Vineyards


“ We devote our lives to the wines and bottle the truth”

Situated in Darling along the picturesque West Coast of South Africa and nestled in the hills of Darling, Ormonde Estate looms over the icy Atlantic Ocean at altitudes between 200m and 350m above sea level. Located a mere 4km from the ocean, the sea-breeze graces the vineyards with coolness and mist. This not only ensures ideal conditions for preserving flavour and acidity in the estate’s white wines, but also helps to moderate summer temperatures, thereby extending the growing season and producing red wines of depth and intensity.

Theo Basson is the Proprietor of Ormonde Wine Estate, Adré Rheeder – Viticulturist, Razvan Macici – Cellar master and Danzel Andries-Production Manager. Together they work carefully through the vineyards and throughout the cellar.

Grapes are carefully handpicked, ensuring that only the best grapes are used in the modern gravity based cellar.   Manual plunging and gentle pump over actions of up to four times a day are rewarded in wines of soft rounded tannins and rich colour.  The emphasis is placed on preserving the primary varietal character, allowing the terroir to express itself in every bottle.

Ormonde produces a superior selection of wines, ranging from the flagship Heritage collection, the Barrel Selected- , the elegant Ondine range and the Single vineyard “Chip off the old Block” range.

High Constantia


High Constantia Wine Cellar epitomizes what a boutique and hands-on winery should be. A house and family, a shed, a Chardonnay block, a winemaking facility and great people. Blink and you will miss it, but miss it you must not.
Here David van Niekerk produces outstanding, limited edition wines from small vineyards scattered around the Constantia Valley. He and assistant Roger, produce classic New World wine in the Old World style. Let Roger’s wife Sannaline welcome you to a proper tasting experience on the veranda overlooking the water with an abundance of bird life to keep you company while you sip simply scintillating wines. Oh and that Chardonnay block? It’s a part component of our number one favourite South African bubbly!

Bizoe Wines

Western Cape

Winemaker Rikus Neethling, founded his own labels Bizoe and RNW in 2008. Bizoe derived from the French word “Bisous” means small little kiss. He works with various vineyard blocks around the Western Cape.

In his early days, Rikus was awarded a cricket bursary at the University of Pretoria, but some fortuitous career advice set him on a path that brought him down to Stellenbosch, where he studied oenology and viticulture instead and he has never looked back. After his completion of his studies he worked at Mountain Ridge Wines (formerly known as Romansrivier Cooperative). Mountain Ridge Wines gave Rikus the perfect stepping stone to start his own wine venture. Rikus a passionate winemaker shares his love for wine, his beautiful country and the people close to him in every bottle of wine. Hand-crafted to perfection from only the best grapes in the Western Cape has to offer. You can taste his love for wine, family and friends in every single bottled.

Arra Vineyards


Being in the lee of the Klapmuts Mountain means Arra Vineyards has an abundance of water and good shelter for the vines from the Cape’s south-easterly wind when it blows hard.

The soils are ideal for the mostly red grapes grown here and the north facing slopes capture the sunshine. The 74 ha farm is under 30 ha of vines comprising of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage, Ruby Cabernet and Viognier. Using French oak for up to 24 months and later ensuring that the wines reach maturity in the bottle before they are released for sale gives Arra wines their deep, fruity flavours and trade mark creamy texture. The Novak family welcome you here and the winemaker and viticulturist is Chris van Reenen.

Belfield Wine Estate


Belfield has a unique terroir, beautifully suited to the production of elegant red wines. Elgin is a cooler climate in South Africa, closely matched to the climate of Bordeaux. The climate is conducive to long ripening, meaning the Belfield is one of the last Estate’s in South Africa to harvest its red grapes. This leads to a beautiful balance between flavour, sugar and acidity in the grapes, leading to the soft tannins and perfumed fruit in the wines, which Belfield is renowned for.

Today this tiny corner of Elgin is home also to three charming self-catering cottages and beautiful cultivated gardens attracting not just wine lovers but a host of winged, feathered and furry wildlife. Back in 2000 the region was favoured for white wines but the Krefts decided to plant red varietals and their first vintage was released in 2005.



Beneath the Paardeberg Mountain in the Aprilskloof Valley of the Swartland district lies Lammershoek where legend has it that lambs sought shelter in the local forest from a marauding black eagle!

Today the farm continues its belief in eco-friendly practices and leaving pest control to mother nature. Since investment led by soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer Lammershoek has developed new life and vibrancy to become ever more acknowledged, both here and abroad, for making seriously good wine. And generations of families going back many decades continue as the work force making this all possible.

The Red & Yellow Lorry Wine Factory

Western Cape


How many times can you repeat Red Lorry and Yellow Lorry, in 20 seconds? Correctly, and – without laughing!

Without laughing? Impossible. Because this wine is made for pure fun. 100% pure happy, good time fun!

We put the fun in at our Red & Yellow Lorry Wine Factory. That’s after our Red and Yellow Lorries have delivered their famous juiciest, plumpest and tastiest grapes. And you won’t find green peppers, asparagus, peppercorns, plums or anything else in our wine. Just perfect taste.

So forget the posh nosing and swirling and get on with the fun.

Don’t Say It. Drink It.

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